Sketching 10.0

Today I had my last course of sketching. Now we’ve learned how to draw a human from top to bottom.The previous course, 2 weeks ago, we had to draw some legs. Today we finished with feet. I’m glad I did this if I look back at it, I learned many things which I now can use in my designs.

IMG_0120 IMG_0217


Satisfaction – 1st edition

The last few weeks I didn’t post anything due the party I had the 2nd of May. I’m one of the crew leaders of Satisfaction, so I had a very busy month preparing everything. Finally the moment of truth arrived! Friday the 2nd of May I woke up around 6 o’clock in the morning. Kevin and me went to Ghent, because we had still to pick up some things.

Finally we arrived at Factor Bruges (Entrepot) and we build up, together with other people, the whole area. The doors went open at 21:30. We had a very good first edition, around 1000 people were going crazy at Satisfaction. Afterwards we had to clean up, so I went to sleep Saturday morning around 8. A pretty tough day if you ask me.

Aftermovie coming soon! Make sure to check our page on Facebook!

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You’ve got mail

Today my latest order came in. I ordered at a book about graphic design called:”Echoes of the future”. The book contains different designing styles, from a very clean logo to a poster with dirty brushes and abstract shapes.

Those kind of books give me new inspiration for future tasks. It’s fun to see other graphic designers their style of designing and thinking. It may help you to think in another way than usually do.

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Delhaize Easter brochure

Today I’ve got mail and it was the usual stuff…a lot of publicity with promotions to let us buy things we don’t need. But as I was going through it, I’ve found a cool brochure by Delhaize. They made a brochure with “Easter” as the main theme. They are showing off the food you can buy at the shops, but also some recipes.

Delhaize really did their best for this brochure, it has good photography of the food and the whole feeling makes me want to actually cook something. They used fresh spring colors and a cool mix of typography to top it off.

Nice work, I hope their brochures will be as good as this one in the future.

IMG_0114 IMG_0115



Culture center Bruges

Yesterday I found a little book made by the design agency, Skinn. It’s a company in Bruges that I look up to, they have the same ‘design-style’ as me and they always make very good things. It’s a clean designed book, it has good typography and they also respect white-spacing.

You can’t see it, but the cover has a smooth and soft cover which is very nice to hold. They did a great job on this one! The book that I found was a sort of calendar of all the culture events of 2013 – 2014 in Bruges.

IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098


Sketching 6.0

Last week I didn’t post a picture of my sketches, because we didn’t do anything new. We drew some faces again last week.

This week we had to draw hands. In my opinion hands are difficult to sketch, but the teacher told us a few tricks to make it easier.

The difficulty was drawing the hand in a more dynamic position, because every finger or part had to match perfectly.